Tanzania Women Entrepreneurs Network & Development Exposition (TWENDE) is working towards the development of women by organizing a large scale networking event, involving the nation’s diverse female business executives - from small to large scale industries – and women involved in government and nongovernmental organizations.

Tanzania Women Entrepreneurs Network & Development Exposition (TWENDE) is dedicated to providing opportunities for companies to connect, while meeting the business goals of attendees. It is a full networking experience and the very best place to showcase your company's products and services before key decision makers. In addition to a first-class exposition with more than 100 exhibitors, the exposition is paired with a Three-day Seminar, offering a whole host of seminars and education sessions under one roof.

TWENDE vision is To Educate, Empower and Enterprise Women in Tanzania. Let’s Go!

We are looking forward to working with you in near future.

please feel free to call/ email or text at any time.


Gloria Malaas,

Project Coordinator for TWENDE

Cell: 0782/ 0658 672798

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