Website Developments + Hosting + Emails for your business/organisation

1.)Do you need to have website+emails for your business/organisation?

Dont you know where to start and costing implications? We are developing websites starting from 300,000Tsh within a short time.

Some Websites Categories you can have:

i: Information Website for your School/NGO/Hotel or any other business/organization.

ii: Community Websites: Social networking sites, Forums, website blogs etc.

iii: Media Sites for magazines, TV, Radio with intergrated Live streams, forums etc..

iv: Online merchants sites: having ability to sell your products online real time.

v: Web-based applications for your office use: having access to your books of accounts anywhere/anytime, staying in touch with your business on go and many more!!

2.)Are you tired of common yahoo/gmails/hotmails email accounts for your business. Do you want to formalize your business? we can host your email service along with website hosting package. You will then have a chance to have formal emails like info@my_business_name.com OR juma.john@my_business_name.com

Call Afrimax Consulting Co. LTD for these solutions/ consultancy and more.

Call Number:

+255 717 028 848

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