Mzungu Kichaa did a blinding show at the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts on the closing night of the festival (sunday 18. september 2011), Kampala, Uganda. This has been a long anticipated show and marks the first performance for the artist in Uganda. Mzungu Kichaa has performed several times in Kenya, so the new country is part of an important step in Mzungu Kichaa's career in East Africa, said his manager from Caravan Records.

In a public interview on stage after the performance that included his Tanzanian backing band Bongo Beat and a guest percussionist from Senegal, Mzungu Kichaa said that it was important for him to be able to represent his music in Africa and commended the festival for giving professional musicians a platform to perform on a professional stage in their home region. Mzungu Kichaa said, that it is a shame that top African names often end up performing more concerts outside the African continent due to better performance rates in Europe and America. He said that he considers himself African first and foremost, and that he would do his best to perform as much as possible on the continent.

The Ugandan audience received Mzungu Kichaa with a warm applaud and were particularly taken aback by his debut album title track Tuko Pamoja which he introduced to the public with a greeting in Luganda. During his performance Mzungu Kichaa told the Ugandan audience that it was time to embrace kiswahili and that although it may have been the language of the military during political hard times in Uganda, his song, Tuko Pamoja, was a call for unity. The crowd also showed Mzungu Kichaa love when he had them sing "na na na na na na na na na vijana wa Kampala ni wajanja".

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