Valentine's for School

Okay it's the day before my girls have their Valentine's Day party at school. I have actually been pretty organized this year with regards to getting the valentines. My youngest wanted Phineas and Ferb valentines. I was able to get these at Target. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Target. Anyway, She just loves that show and she wanted to get valentines that the girls and boys would like so iCarly was out. I also picked up some pencils that had hearts on them and some that had baseballs. She wrote them up a few days ago and attached the pencils yesterday. She did a great job and she can't wait to give them to her friends tomorrow. She also gets to bring in a special snack so I just finished making her some brownies. I'm sure she'll have fun at her party.

Now my 13 year old thinks the whole thing is hysterical. She's at the age we're they're really too old for those boxed valentines, but I picked her up a box with kittens and puppies anyway. She wrote them all out and put a lollipop on each one. Her friends are all getting silly valentines and are just going to have a good time with it. They're still kids and I'm glad they're having fun with it. I mean why not. I'm glad she's not too cool to hand them out. She doesn't have a boyfriend yet (thank God), so there's no stress about that. Really at this age it should still be innocent.

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