My Daughter Just Loves the Olympics

To be completely honest I'm much more of a summer Olympic fan than winter, but I've found myself completely drawn into it this year. It just seems like they're having so much fun. I know it's a lot of hard work, but after watching Shaun White fly high in the air on his snowboard how could you not have a big smile on your face. All I could think of was he just had a blast doing that. I was blown away. I would be scared out of my mind doing something like that.

My 9 year old is completely in love with watching Apolo Ohno. Whenever the speed skating short track comes on she comes running. She just loves it. She thinks Apolo is awesome. Now she doesn't like ice skating so the whole thing baffles me. Of course she knows that Apolo was on Dancing with the Stars so I think that's the thing that peeked her interest with him. My munchkin loves dancing of any kind. Well whatever it is I think it's adorable and I've been letting her stay up a little later to watch because she's so into it.

The Olympics really are fun and I'm glad we're enjoying watching them as a family.

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