My Daughters and the Remote

The one who holds the remote rules the world. That's at least what my girls think. My youngest daughter makes it her mission in life to wake up before her sister no matter what so she has control of the remote. All she wants is to watch at least one episode of Sponge Bob. Now my oldest is convinced that she owns the remote so as soon as her sister moves from the couch she grabs it and doesn't let go of it for the rest of the day. When she goes to eat at the table she takes it with her. If she goes up to her room for a minute she hides it. Of course if the little one is really into the show she hides it too. Now the problem with hiding it is that when they go to school and I want to shut off Nickelodeon I can't find it. So I end up having to listen to Dora sing the Map song. I'm so over Dora.

The hiding of the remote is nothing compared to the all out wrestling matches that occur to regain possession. It's funny for about half a second before one of them gets hurt. Then I have to yell. I hate yelling. One or both end up crying and I send them to their rooms. Then guess who has the remote. Me. I guess I rule the world or at least the TV till my husband gets home.

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