The Morganville Vampire Series is Addictive.

I love to read and honestly I am really loving all the young adult fiction they have now. They never had so many great books when I was a teen, but really I find many of them can be enjoyed by anyone particularly the scifi and fantasy books. I never really looked much into the young adult section until I stumbled upon the Twilight books. I like to read books that will entertain me and take me someplace else. Books should be fun and entertaining. I never like it in school when they took the books that we read and had to look for the deeper meaning. Maybe there really wasn't one.

Oh sorry rambling. Anyway I picked up the first book in The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine and I have to say I had no idea that it would suck me in. I can't seem to put it down and there are 6 more for me to read with two more expected to come out.

The story is about a girl named Claire who goes off to college early. She's only 16. Anyway she gets on the bad side of a girl in her dorm and goes to look for a place to live off campus. She ends up finding an old house with 3 other roommates, two good looking guys and a goth girl. She soon discovers the town is run by vampires. You either play by their rules or things will get ugly.

I am so into this story right now. I would totally recommend it. It really is a page turner and the characters are interesting. I find Claire to be a great little heroine and it is also a book that I would have no problem with my 13 year old daughter reading. I think she would like it.

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