Happy Birthday to My Oldest!

My oldest is now officially a teenager. She turned 13 today. I can't believe it. I feel so old. I need to stop time now. I really don't want to get into the teen drama. We already have too much tween drama. She was so excited this morning she actually got up before me. Of course I tend to sleep in a little on Saturdays, but still she usually doesn't emerge from her cave till 11.

She has her day completely planned. She wanted eggs benedict. She got it. She opened her presents from us. Which consisted of a pair of earrings, a charm in the shape of a cell phone for her charm bracelet and a t-shirt with Damon and Stefan from Vampire Diaries. They were all a big hit. I loved seeing the smile on her face.

Her cell phone has been going crazy with texts from her friends wishing her a Happy Birthday. They're so cute. She's just happy that she has officially hit her teen years.

She has claimed the TV for the rest of the day. Lucky us. Now tonight we are taking her to PF Changs. It's a Chinese restaurant about a half hour away. I've never actually eaten there, but she went with a friend once and loved it. My youngest isn't going to eat anything. She hates Chinese food, but it's not her birthday.

I hope she has a great rest of her birthday and many more. Though every time she has a birthday I get a year older too. That may not be a good thing. I really do wish we could turn back time.

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