In an effort to continue fighting against cancer for people with albinism, CEO of Afrobino (Babu Sikare aka Albino Fulani) will be joining his fellow artists for a fund raising event in Houston, TX on Saturday March 03rd, 2011.

"I am so so so happy that the last benefit concert in Columbus, OH was able to help over 100 children in Tanzania last year. This year Afrobino intend to reach over 500 Children with albinism. We will continue with these events every year. I know there is a long journey to get where I have visioned, but we have to start from somewhere. Most people do not know an average albino dies at the by the age of 30 in Tanzania. We need to have a foundation, and the foundation starts with children"...Mr. Sikare said.

Currently Afrobino is waiting for project approval from a humanitarian sponsor for a long term help. The organization mission it to improve the well being of people with albinism in Tanzanania.

All proceedings from the concert/fundraiser will be donated towards helping children with albinism.

For more info about the organization, please visit

Please come to support.

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