Rediscovering Roswell

My daughter loves to dive into my DVD collection. The other day she did and discovered season 1 of Roswell. She brought it to me immediately and asked if it was something she could watch. I thought about it for a minute. It has been awhile since I even watched the show, but I remember enjoying it very much. I was shocked to find that it originally aired back in 1999. She had no idea what it was.

I told her she could watch and she is loving it and I have to say I'm enjoying it as well. Her sister has no interest, but that's probably just because her sister is enjoying it so much.

Roswell is the story of 3 teens in Roswell, New Mexico who discover that they are aliens from the famous Roswell crash. They have amazing powers. It's about them dealing with regular teen drama and keeping their secret from anyone who may want to harm them.

It really was a great show and I was very disappointed when it was canceled. It's nice to rewatch it now though I only have the first season on DVD. My daughter is in love with the show and wants to know why I hadn't let her watch it before and I told her I had forgotten about it. It really is fun to rediscover shows that I loved and share them with my daughter. She is a real scifi kind of girl just like her mom.

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