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The cooolest thing happened to me...

So on Monday I go out and get the mail, not really expecting anything special. Just the weekly grocery adds!
And in the mail is an envelope that was addressed to me. It is very uninteresting and there is only a return addresss and no name. Now since I started mega couponing I sign up for all kinds of things to get coupons and free samples that come with coupons. So I thought that it would just be that. But when I opened it up there was a letter of congratulations! It said Congratulations you have been selected as the First Prize winner of the PepsiCo Super Bowl KLIV Sweepsakes at Publix. You have won a $100.00 Publix Gift Card!!
I am So Excited about getting this gift card! Do you know how far I can make that 100.00 go now!?!?
What a HUGE blessing this!
I had entered that contest back in January and totally forgot about it. Was never a thought about it again after I had entered. But I guess that God had it all worked out for me already.
Here is a photo of the letter and gift card! 
So Thank you Publix and Pepsi Co.!!!  I will be putting this to good use and stretching it as far as possible!

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