I Don't Want to Spring Ahead

I think my title says it all. I don't want to give up my hour of sleep. I woke up this morning and truly felt cheated. Where did my hour go anyway? It just evaporates into the cosmos. I'm not happy about this. My oldest isn't happy either. She made plans to go to a friend's house and work on their science fair project and she woke up feeling completely rushed. She needed that hour. Sure you think an hour is nothing, but you can get a lot done in an hour and I want it back.

My youngest, the cup is half full child, sees the good side of daylight savings. It will be lighter longer and she will have more time to play outside when her homework is complete. I understand and I do like that aspect of it. I just want my hour. I know it will come back around in the fall, but it doesn't do me any good today.

This also messes up my household for weeks. The kids have a real hard time adjusting to the new time. They're never going to go to sleep tonight for that matter I'll probably have a hard time as well. This all means I won't be able to get them up in the morning. Oh it's going to be an ugly week. The only good thing I can think of at the moment is it's almost baseball season. As I write this post my husband has just put on a Red Sox spring training game. Now I have something to smile about. I love baseball.

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