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Animal Cell Model Project

My 13 year old loves science she honestly can't get enough. She has a really tough teacher this year for science. She works really hard, but she never really knows what the teacher is looking for. She's kind of a conundrum. Her teacher is very strict on parents not helping the kids with any school work. I have no problem with this as my daughter is really fine on her own, but it's hard not to help out when I see her struggling.

Now this weekend she was asked to make a model of a cell. They could make any cell they wanted too. My daughter chose an animal cell. The teacher told them to use a paper plate and that just drawing it wouldn't be enough to get a good grade. She wanted creativity. My daughter was very worried about this she wanted to do a great job and impress her teacher. She worked extremely hard on it using clay, paper, pipe cleaners and those styrofoam peanuts. I think she did a great job. It took her such a long time and she really thought about it. She asked for our advice and we gave it, but she did the work. I hope she's rewarded for it. She knows some kids will come in with elaborate models that clearly weren't their own work. It happens all the time. I told her to be proud of what she did and not worry about anyone else. I know the teacher will see the effort she put into it. So fingers crossed her teacher is in a good mood or my evening will be ugly. Did I mention I hate homework on the weekend? I really do. Give them a break already.

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