"Mom, I Forgot My Homework."

My husband was working from home today so that means I needed to take the girls to school. There was no problem there. We were all ready on time and headed out. We pulled into the parking lot at school and my daughter informed me that she had forgotten something she needed to do an in school project with. It was really important and four other girls were counting on her to bring it in. Then the tears start to come. She's afraid she's going to get in trouble from the teacher.

Now I am obviously at the command of my children. I have nothing else to do today, right? I told her I would rush home and grab the item and bring it right back. She couldn't remember when she had that class and there was some concern it would be right away so I needed to hurry. That's right I had to transform into super mom.

This whole thing really bugged me because my daughter came home from school yesterday and said she had no homework. She finished it all in school. She then preceded to sit on her butt all afternoon and watch TV. Now you would think she could have thought to put this item in her school bag so there was no need to stress mom out in the morning, but no that didn't happen. We had to have a morning panic and cause me to get all aggravated.

Now I have to send a thank you to my mom who saved my sanity. She happened to be on the way to my house to show me something and said she would be happy to drop my daughters homework off for her at the school since it was on her way back home. I really appreciated this. I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed and she saved me from staying there.

OF course the funniest thing of all according to my daughter was that she didn't end up needing said item today. Well doesn't that just say it all. I really think I should have just stayed in bed.

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