What God can do!

Here is how God multiplied my efforts and blessed us more than I could have imagined! Remember how I had won the $100.00 Publix gift card a little over a month ago. Well I just used the remaining balance the other day. I was excited to figure how much I was able to make that free money go. But was super shocked when I figured out the totals. I figured they would be good just not this good.
So with that gift card I was able to get $768.72 worth of groceries and cleaning products. And that is not including what I will be getting back in rebates and other gift cards. I will be getting back $29.50 in rebates from purchases with that card and I also got the $20.00 Publix gift cards from the scrubbing bubbles deal!
So add that and it is $818.22!!
To say that I am shocked is an understatement. There is no doubt that God has pressed down, shaken together and made to run over the blessings that he has given us! It has brought tears to my eyes that we have been given so much.
Praise be to God for all of his Blessings!

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