First Few Days in Disney

Haven't been posting sorry, but it's only because we are having such a great time. We arrived in Orlando around 12:30 am on Friday. We were totally exhausted and crashed in our hotel. We are staying at the Boardwalk and it's fabulous.

The first day we slept in and then hung around EPCOT just walking around. Though we did do the Kim Possible attraction and saved the world. The girls both loved that. I do have to admit I heard the communicator beeps in my sleep. We had a nice dinner at the Rose and Crown and listened to the British Invasion. I love the Beatles. We also had an afternoon swim. It was a great day.

Today we headed into Animal Kingdom. We made a B line right to the Safari and saw lots of animals including a baby giraffe, very cute. We sat in front of some college kids unfortunately and my girls heard some colorful language. Not much I could do about that. My girls no better than to repeat it at least. We saw the Lion King show which I love and so do the girls. We all sing along. My youngest really wanted to see the tigers so we headed on down the trail where they were and she saw lots of tigers. They were pretty impressive. Basically it was a great day in the park. We headed back to our hotel after eating dinner and had another swim. It felt so refreshing. Now we are exhausted and just chilling out on the couch. I love Disney World.

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