Ice Skating Party

I thought it was going to be ugly. My daughter has never been on ice skates and has never wanted to go on them. Then the invitation came in the mail for a birthday party. I didn't know what to do so I left it up to my daughter. She went back and forth with it, but the bottom line is the girl is a good friend of hers and she should go whether she skates or not. She agreed.

I thought everything was fine and then she came down stairs this morning with tears in her eyes declaring she was not going to skate. I was frustrated because I knew that if she just tried she would like it. Well I was taking her no matter what as we had said we were going and I refuse to hurt any one's feelings.

We got to the rink and a girl asked for her skate size and she said she wasn't skating. The mom was great and said don't worry no pressure. Well some of her friends told her it was fun and to give it a try. She agreed. They have plastic crates stacked on top of each other to make it easier for newer skaters. I got her one and she skated around that rink with the biggest smile on her face she had a great time. I'm convinced my children just like to drive me crazy. Well I'm just glad she had a good experience and will skate again. It's a lot of fun especially when you have friends who do it. I told her on the way home see what happens when you give something new a try. You may discover you like it. I just hope she remembers what a great time she had when the next new thing pops up.

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