It's My Birthday!

Yeah, it's my birthday, but it doesn't hold the excitement it did when I was younger. I still smile when I get up, but now I'm just getting older and that's a drag. Not to mention that my birthday falls on tax day and the day the Titanic sunk. My daughter loves reminding me of this as she is obsessed with the Titanic. Though I have nothing to complain about today. I'm spending the day getting ready to head to Disney World with the family for the girls April vacation. They have been several times before as we are Vacation Club members, but that doesn't stop them from being super excited. I can't blame them. I'm excited too. Disney World is the most magical place on Earth. I love it there.

My oldest one even woke up before be today and that never happens. She had to go into school early today to take a test that she'll miss tomorrow because we leave for the airport right after school today. She didn't even care. There was no grumbling. She was bouncing around and humming. Yes, I kid you not she was humming. It was all very amusing. I didn't even have to yell to have her hurry up. Again this has never happened. I want this day marked down in history because I'm pretty sure it will never happen again.

Anyway we are heading out and I will try to blog everyday with photos if possible. Though I will not be doing my entrecard drops as I really won't have the extra time. I'll be back at it after vacation. Hope everyone has a great week.

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