Great Message in Glee Last Night!

Well Tuesday night is Glee night and that means me and my 13 year old chill on the couch and watch. We look forward to it all week and when it finally comes on there is no distractions. No texting and no calls aloud till after. She is very serious about it.

Last nights episode had a very important message. It focused on Mercedes and Kurt more than any of the other Glee kids. Mercedes is now on the Cheerios and evil Sue Sylverster wants her to loose weight ASAP or she is off the team. This causes Mercedes to go to extremes and eventually faints from lack of food. She is then befriended by Quinn who is very kind and gets her to see that starving yourself to make someone else happy or to be a part of a group is wrong. You need to love yourself for who you are. Mercedes appears at the pep rally even though she is off the team and speaks to the crowd asking anyone who feels the way she does to come down and join her. She sings Beautiful which was just that beautiful. You need to be happy with who you are. Though it's important to be healthy. You should never go to extremes to get there.

As for Kurt we see him trying to get his father and Finn's mother together so he can be with Finn. This obviously blows up in his face when his father starts to bond with Finn. Poor Kurt feels totally left out. I felt bad for him. Though I think he needs to get a clue that Finn doesn't fly that way.

Anyway great episode and I look forward to next week.

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