Ladybug Infestation

You may think the word infestation is a little much, but I tell you I have ladybugs all over my house. They have woken from their hibernation and they are everywhere. I knew there were a few here and there, but I just had no idea they would try to over take us.

I walked into my downstairs bathroom yesterday and I was dive bombed by 3. It was crazy. I would never kill a ladybug because I hear it's bad luck, but I think it may be time to round them up and get them back outside. This morning my daughter came down and said she wasn't brushing her teeth. There were 2 ladybugs hanging out on her toothbrush. She loves ladybugs, but that was going too far. They crossed a line when they threatened her oral hygiene. I promised to boil the toothbrush and get the little guys out of the bathroom. It's not like I have anything else to do today right?

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