The Day I Have Dreaded Since I Had Girls

Yesterday, I picked my daughter up at school and she very calmly said to me. "I think I got my period." All I could think of was oh crap. Of course I didn't say that to her. I asked when it happened and she said in school. She didn't tell anyone. It was too embarrassing and she said she was fine. We got home and I gave her the necessary sanitary products that I use. She preceded to head to the bathroom for who knows how long. I assumed she was fine and I headed out to get my other daughter from dance.

Now when I returned I asked my husband where she was and he told me she never came downstairs. I went up to find the poor thing crying and angry. She was not going to wear those "things" I gave her. Well I went to the store as fast as I could and got some other options. She went back to the bathroom slamming the door in my face and no she didn't need any help. Yeah, right.

She came out and said it was better and came down and rejoined the world. She seemed fine until bedtime when she again broke down in tears. She felt uncomfortable and she hates it and she doesn't want to grow up. All I could say was I'm sorry and I understood. There's nothing else to say. I can't make it go away. She doesn't care that every other woman gets it. I wanted to cry myself because it does stink. There's nothing fun about your period. Nothing.

Let's just hope she wakes up in a better mood the poor thing. Thank goodness it's Good Friday and she doesn't have school. Keep your fingers crossed she doesn't bite my head off all day. I don't think I can take much more.

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