This weeks Publix trip

This was a great trip this morning! Al is home because of New Years and so I got to do the weekly shopping trip by myself! The girls are always good in the store. They usually bring books and keep their noses firmly planted the entire time I shop. But it sure is nice to not have to worry about where they are and who they might run in to.
So down to the good stuff! Total spent was $18.88.  I saved a total of $103.32! That is an 82% savings!

2-Smithfield bacon on sale Buy one get one 1.99 each
4-Yoplait Fiber One Yougurt packs Buy one get one and 4/ $1.00 off one pack .25 each
4-Yoplait Fiber One Yougurt packs Buy one get one and 4/ .75 off one pack .50 each
2-Propel mixes lemon clearance 1.50 each
2- Fresh mix salads Buy one get one and 1/ $1.00 off 2 store coupon and 2/ .55 off one manufactures coupon 1.29 each
2-Skinny cow packs Buy one get one and 2/ 1.00 one pack 1.49 each
2-Wishbone salad dressings Buy one get one and 2/ .75 off one bottle .64 each
2-Vlasic Dill Pickles Buy one get one and 2/ .50 off one jar .75 each
10- Wonka Gummies sale of 1.00 each and 10/ 1.00 one pack making them FREE
2-Glade soy candles used 2/ 4.00 off one jar store coupons and 2/ 2.00 off one jar manufactures coupon making then FREE
5- Glade tin candles on clearance for 1.75 I used 5/ 1.50 off manufactures coupons making them .25 each
2- glade refills I used 2/ buy a tin get a refill coupon free. Final cost for these FREE
2- Glade refills clearance 1.75 and I used 2/ 1.50 off coupons making them .25 each.
1- gallon of milk 3.19
I also used a Publix store coupons for $5.00 off a $50.00 or more purchase. I always give that coupon first before I give them the others. Because I know that after the other coupons my total will be less than 50.00. So that $5.00 comes right off the top!

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