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Avatar, My Tween Loved It

Yesterday, we were finally able to see Avatar. We woke up and decided we would go. I checked Fandango for the imax showings and the one we wanted to go to wasn't sold out so I quickly bought tickets. I love Fandango. We planned to get there at least 45 minutes before the movie and thank God we did. The line was already formed and quite long. My husband and Stepdad waited in that line while I took my daughter and her best friend to get refreshments. We picked the slowest line, but we had plenty of time so I didn't worry. Next we did our bathroom breaks as it's almost a 3 hour movie. We went off to find my husband. He got really good seats. I was surprised. They gave us these huge glasses to wear. I am not a fan of these. They never fit right and they're annoying. My daughter kept saying she didn't want to wear them. They were bugging her. She looked like a scuba diver with them on.

The movie finally started after 20 minutes of previews. I like previews, but I was anxious for the movie to start.

It was beautiful. The images were amazing and honestly I know it was a lot of computer generated images, but I couldn't tell. I was transported to this world and I was amazed. Unfortunately about an hour into it my daughter's best friend got sick. I think it was the visual aspect of the film. It was really intense. I called her dad and he picked her up. I felt so bad. Once she threw up and left the theater she felt better. I guess these films can cause this problem sometimes. She was really enjoying it up to that point and disappointed she couldn't see the end.

I headed back into the movie for the last hour and it was amazing. The battle was incredible and the 3D very well done. It wasn't really that noticeable to me. I don't like it when things come flying at me so it was just as well.

Overall this was a most impressive movie. The basic premise of the movie was not all that original, but that never bothers me as long as it's well done and this was. I will definitely be purchasing the blu ray when its released.

My husband loved this movie. My 12 year old also loved it. She thought it was cool though she felt bad her friend had to leave.

I would not recommend this movie for young children. It's too violent. It's rated PG13 for a reason. It's up to the individual child, but I did notice a little girl leaving with her mother at a scary part. They didn't come back. I know my 8 year old would have been scared so I'm glad we didn't take her. The thought crossed my mind for a second. Thank goodness she hung out with my mother for the day and I do mean the day because we left the house around 1:00 and didn't get home until 7:00. It was a very long day.

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