I Survived My Daughters Birthday Party

This is going to be a short post as I am completely done. My daughter had her birthday party tonight. I had 12 nine year old girls at the house. They played Lego Rock Band which by the way was a huge hit. They loved it. Everyone got a turn playing drums, guitar and singing. Seriously what a great game. There are more songs that the girls like. They were so cute. They were a rock band.

We then had the typical pizza and they loved it, then back to Rock Band. Next they played a game, 7up. Though since we only had 12 girls we played 3up. All the girls pretended that they were sleeping while three girls pick one girl each to tap. Then the tapped girls need to guess who tapped them. They loved this. Next was a game called sleeping beauty. One girl would pretend to be asleep and the other girls had a minute to try to get her to laugh or talk. Three of the girls were able to make it the 3 minutes.

Finally, we got to cake and presents and then they wanted to play limbo. When there was half an hour left I gave them a bag of popcorn and put on iCarly to calm them down. Twelve nine year olds can be so loud when they're having a good time. There was a lot of laughing, screaming and giggling. All of it happy. I still don't have my hearing back yet.

All in all it was a great party. My daughter had a great time and none of the girls wanted to leave when it was over so that's a good sign. I'm exhausted and my daughter is fast asleep. This is a day that will go down as a good one.

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