Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

My daughter was lounging around this morning as she tends to do every Saturday. She's always fried after a week full of school so I never really bother her. She was looking for something new to watch so she was checking out the movies on demand. She found Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. She asked me if she'd like it. I practically started laughing just remembering it. I used to love that movie.

She cued it up and before I realized it my husband and my youngest daughter also sat down and we all ended up watching it. It was so silly and funny. They loved it. Everyone needs a good laugh.

If you've never seen this movie let me tell you a bit about it. Bill and Ted need to pass their history project or they will flunk out of school and Ted will be sent to military school. Luckily for them a time traveler named Rufus comes to help them because they are important to the future of the world. They travel through time asking historical characters to help them. They bring them back to their time to help pass the project. It's just so funny and the way they talk is so funny. Everything is excellent or bogus. I would highly recommend this movie for some good clean fun.

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