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Low Key New Year's Eve

I've never been really big on the whole New Years Eve thing. Going to first night in Boston has always sounded great, but when I stopped to think about it there is no way I want to walk around in the freezing cold with drunken fools. I much prefer staying in my house and ordering Chinese and watching a movie with my honey.

This year I am doing just that. Of course it doesn't help that my oldest daughter has a nasty cold and I think it's just better to stay in. We were invited to a friends house kids included and it was tempting, but I just don't want to drive home after midnight with all the other nuts out there. So we are just going to stay in have some take out which I already had to order and relax. After the busy Christmas we had it feels good to not be going anywhere. My husband is picking up some Champagne as well for us to enjoy. The only problem is I hope I make it to midnight. The last few years I haven't. What can I say I like my sleep. It will become 2010 whether I'm awake or not.

I hope everyone has a very safe and fun New Year's Eve. Please be careful if you go to a party or event. Use common sense. If you're not okay to drive find someone who is. Also be aware that even if you use common sense there's many others out there who aren't. It's just a dangerous night on the road. Please be careful.


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