Sherlock Holmes a Winner

Last night my husband and I decided we would take the 12 year old to the movies. The 8 year old had a play date so that meant we could go see Avatar or Sherlock Holmes. My 8 year old didn't want to see either and I'm not sure she's really old enough for either. They are both rated PG-13. She just isn't ready for those types of movies yet. Anyway we had the opportunity so we check the times on Fandango.

We really wanted to see Avatar in imax as the theater near our house just got this. Unfortunately the time that coincided with the play date was all sold out. It's a 3 hour movie so the other times wouldn't work either. No big deal. We wanted to see Sherlock Holmes as well. I am a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan. I really can't wait for Iron Man 2.

Sherlock Holmes was the perfect role for Robert Downey Jr. His facial expressions crack me up. He really just delivers. I loved his interaction with Jude Law. They make a great pair and are really entertaining to watch. I have never really been a fan of detective shows or the old Sherlock Holmes books. They were never my thing, but I really enjoyed watching how he figured everything out. Really amazing.

My daughter also loved it. I heard her laughing through most of it and she had a smile on when we left. She told me she really liked it. Of course I think she also liked going to a movie without her sister. It's nice to get mommy and daddy's attention.

I would totally recommend seeing this movie. It was really entertaining and I hope they'll make another. I would definitely go see it.

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