Glee on DVD Today

Yes, you heard right Glee is available on DVD today. I personally am having a Glee withdrawal. It's just not right that we have to wait until April for new episodes.

Obviously they are trying to appease us by releasing all the current episodes on DVD. This may work, but I still want new episodes. I actually wish they would do this with all TV shows. I find it very difficult waiting for new episodes, but if I could purchase half a season of a show I love to rewatch I think it would be easier to get through hiatus season. I think the whole idea of releasing half a season of a TV show is a great idea. Of course I think the price should reflect that. Some people may feel this is a waste because they'll probably release the full season sometime in August. Well some of us can't wait that long so I like this idea.

Well my daughter really wants this DVD so I'm thinking she'll get it for her birthday which is just around the corner. My girls both have birthday's very close to Christmas.

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