Cupcakes Always a Crowd Pleaser

Ever since my youngest was about 4 years old I have made cupcakes whenever there is a play date. I don't know why I started doing it, but the kids have always seemed to like it so I continued to do it.

I usually have them made and then let them frost them and decorate. It's both an activity and a snack. I figure you can't go wrong. They love it and it's fun to watch them make these crazy looking cupcakes and eat them.

Now my older one doesn't seem to be as interested in the cup cakes anymore (though she still eats them), but my youngest is still in full cup cake mode. Today I had two of her friends over after Brownies. I got them pizza and I had the cup cakes ready at home. I told them I had them for them and the shrieked with delight. That made me smile. It's nice to know little things can make them happy. Now if only it would remain that way.

Well as long as the girls enjoy the cupcakes I will keep making them. They definitely enjoyed them today. The mom's were happy to receive some to take home as well. Everyone likes a sweet treat once in awhile. I may even sneak one later. They just look so good.

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