This time around we had an opportunity to meet with the legendary MUSTAFA JAFFER SABODO, an outstanding MAN, who has given Billions of shillings to the needy worldwide and mostly Tanzania, his country.

He is such heartened MAN, whereby he gives out his fortune to make a difference to others who need most. Yet most of the money he made out of the country using his Financial skills by trading on INTERNATIONAL HEDGE FINANCE in London, Paris and worldwide.

We have included a short article on hedge finance (By James Meitaron, head of SME Banking with Barclays bank of Tanzania for a brief insight).

Buy your copy on this issue coming out soon, and reads this LEGENDS, who was the best student in his boyhood International ASCHOOL OF Tanganyika then through Cambridge in Scotland, he is really a well educated and FIANCIALLY SKILLED Guru made in Tanzania. THE GREAT PHILANTHROPIST OF TANZANIA today. We trust that SABODO will inspire you!! His take to giving is that Giving

Reads on why Giving is POWER, by Azim Jamal in our BAR story, why is it BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE??

Reads on great books reviews on great world leader’s reviewed by Dr. Hildebrand Shayo. Parents on child sex education and a lot more…

With other interesting and researched articles such as MANS ‘fear, the epitome of our beautiful LUSHOTO, Social and many more educative and informative coverage.

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