Still Loving Glee!

This has got to be my favorite that I'm following right now. I know I've said it before but I fall deeper in love with it after every episode, and this weeks episode, Mash-up Glee - Glee, Season 1 - Mash-up, didn't miss a beat! The music is just so good. I really get this feel good feeling.

My daughter and her friends are totally obsessed. One of my daughters best friends came running up to me and wanted to know if I watched it. She loves it and so does her dad. They don't miss it. My daughter has to watch every Wednesday because on Thursday that is all everyone is talking about.

Last nights episode had great music. I particularly loved the song Sweet Caroline Glee Cast - Sweet Caroline (Glee Cast Version) - Single - Sweet Caroline (Glee Cast Version) sung by the character Puck. I had never really paid that much attention to him before but he really did make me take notice last night. He has an amazing voice and I truly hope they showcase it again. I have got to download this song. Being from Boston this song has a special place in my heart. They always play it in the middle of the seventh inning at Fenway and the whole place explodes into song.

I also loved the Bust a Move Song Glee Cast - Bust a Move (Glee Cast Version) - Single - Bust a Move (Glee Cast Version) that the teacher performed. It really brings back memories. Oh and the slushie war was just too funny.

This show needs to stay on for a long time. I know that when I flick it on I will be smiling, singing and laughing through the whole show. Long live Glee.

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