New Moon Trading Cards

Yes, I know I write a lot about New Moon and Twilight stuff, but I'll tell you it's one of my oldest daughters favorite things. She loves Edward.

I was at Target yesterday (I'm always at Target) walking by the place they keep the trading cards and a box caught my eye. It was a box filled with New Moon Trading cards. I was so excited. My daughter loves Trading cards for everything. I'm responsible for this I'm afraid. I love trading cards and they make them for everything. When I was little I caught the Chicken Pox and I was miserable. It was at the beginning of summer vacation so I couldn't do anything. My mom wanted to cheer me up so she went to the store and got me some strawberry soda and a package of Return of the Jedi trading cards. I loved them. Star Wars is one of my favorite things period. I wanted to be Princess Leia and hang out with Han Solo and have a cool brother who was a Jedi. So from that point on I have loved to collect different trading cards. I still have the Return of the Jedi cards from way back.

Now my daughter likes to collect them so when I saw them I quickly grabbed a couple packs. They were only $2.99 which is cheep for trading cards. When I got home I handed them over and she was so excited. Unfortunately there wasn't one with Edward on it. There were plenty of Bella and a couple of Alice so she was happy. She really likes Alice, but who doesn't. The girl steals a yellow porsche in the movie.

I guess I'll just have to go back and grab a few more packages. These make awesome stocking stuffers. She uses them as book marks when she gets doubles.

I'll have to act quickly though because last year when I went to get her Twilight cards I couldn't find them anywhere. I asked the guy at my local comic shop (yes I go to my local comic shop) he told me they couldn't keep them on the shelves. I asked him if they were bought by screaming tweens and he informed me this was not the case. They were being bought by 40 year old guys who were making a killing selling them on ebay. This makes me nuts. I really don't like it when people feel the need to take advantage of kids.

Bottom line I will be picking up several packages and putting them away for Christmas. It's going to be a Twilight Christmas for my 12 year old.

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