A Trip to the Mall

Well my older daughter had a function for school today so my 8 year old wanted to have some fun. She thought the mall was the kind of fun she was looking for. This is so typical. She also wanted her best friend to come.

We got to the mall only to find it as busy as Christmas. I know it was raining, but honestly I didn't expect it to be this busy. Not that it mattered we were there and we were going in.

They knew exactly where they wanted to go. We went into the Hello Kitty store. It has a name, but we just call it the Hello Kitty store. They looked at everything. The store is all cute. It attracts little girls like crazy. Next we did a run through of Abercrombie. They love that store even at the age of 8. No purchases were made today though. Just a lot of I want that.

We next hit Justice for Girls which is my 8 year old daughters favorite store, but I honestly think they like all the little extras they sell in there more than the clothes. They love the lip gloss jewelery, and little toys. We left there with fashion sketch books. As I've said before my daughter is all about fashion design and her best friend shares this interest.

I needed to get a gift card so we did that then they spotted Dunkin Donuts and promptly asked for a donut. I said sure it was their mall trip. They ate the sugary goodness and we headed to Claire's another store that attracts little girls like a magnet. Honestly, I would have loved this store if I was younger. Now I find it overwhelming, but they love it. We moved onward to the Apple store where they tried out the itouch. My younger one wants one so bad. As I've said before her sister has one and loves it so she is saving her pennies. They played the Cooking Mama App and were having a blast. I had to drag them out.

Our final stop was the candy store where my daughter ordered up a yummy blue vanilla slush and her friend got a very large sugar stick. They laughed and smiled the whole day. I was exhausted, but listening to them talk about their day and eating their treats made the whole day worth it.

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