A Trip to Disney with No Kids

Today my husband and I traveled down to Orlando, Florida with out the kids. It's business (wink, wink) for my husband. We left drippy and cold Massachusetts to come to sunny, warm Florida. Oh did I mention we have no kids. My mother is nice enough to watch them for a whole week for me. My mother is awesome.

My girls were thrilled to go to grandma's house, but they would have loved to come with us down here. I would have actually loved to have taken them, but to be honest I don't want them to miss school unless absolutely necessary. Last year they missed three days to go to Disney and they had so much homework to take on the trip and then when they got home they totally melted down. So yes we had a great trip but then I was dealing with two drama queens. Anyway we will be taking them in April as we are Vacation Club members (totally recommend this by the way).

My husband really is on business it just doesn't start until Wednesday. We get to go to Hollywood Studios tomorrow. I love Hollywood Studios. It is my favorite Disney Park. Will blog about it tomorrow.

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