The Grinch Bought All the Zhu Zhu Pets

Okay I'm going to get up on a soap box. I'm really angry and aggravated which by the way it takes a lot to get me really worked up. However, in my search to get a Zhu Zhu pet for my best friend's daughter for Christmas I have become increasingly frustrated.

If you haven't heard what Zhu Zhu pets are they are these little toy hamsters that make cute noises and move around on the floor. Apparently Zhu Zhu pets are the big toy this year. That means waiting in line to get into stores in the morning and searching the net for shipments. I have no problem with this.

What I have a problem with is people going to the stores buying everyone they can get their hand on then reselling them on Ebay and Amazon for 4 times what they're worth. That's right if you look for them on Amazon right now people are asking between $40 and $50. These toys sell for $9.99. I'm sorry, but this is wrong. These toys are something that young children are hoping to receive under their Christmas Tree from Santa. Taking advantage of children and their parents at Christmas time labels you a Grinch in my book. Hope you can sleep at night.

I was at Toys R Us looking for the Zhu Zhu pets and a woman told me not to bother to go to Walmart because a man came and bought them all and Walmart did nothing to stop him. There was no limit to the amount he could buy. That was also wrong. When a toy is this high in demand there should be a limit on the amount you can buy. Toys R Us has a limit.

So let me just say shame on you if you're out there trying to make a quick buck selling toys at ridiculous prices and shame on the stores for allowing people to get away with it. I hope no one pays the ridiculous prices and your stuck with these toys that you never wanted to begin with.

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