Homework Meltdown

I'm fairly certain that the meltdown I just had to endure was a result of going back to school after a long weekend. This morning when the alarm went off I'll admit that I grumbled and didn't want to get out of my nice comfy bed and get ready for the day. It was even worse when I had to wake the girls up. They never really want to wake up to go to school, but this morning was ugly. There was a lot of grumbling and pulling of the covers over their heads. I managed to get them out of the house on time so everything seemed fine.

Well when they got out of school everything still seemed fine. Same old same old. We came home they had a snack and then it was homework time. My 8 year old did it with no problem. Of course her homework is a spelling sheet and a math sheet. It was the 12 year old that lost it. She had to make up a periodic table for science class using anything she wanted. It didn't seem that bad to me and I'm sure if she stopped and calmly thought of it she would have thought it was fine as well. Unfortunately that's not what happened. There was complaining, crying and more complaining. I tried to talk to here during this whole thing, but that only made it worse because apparently I don't understand. Actually I understood perfectly well. Her teacher gave her an assignment that required her to really think about something and she really just wanted to come home and veg in front of the TV. I still understand she's tired, but it's tuff. She wants a good grade in the class therefore she needs to do her homework end of story.

She was able to complete it in twice the time it should have taken her, but she is done and so am I. Is it time for bed yet? Oh, no it's not she actually has plenty of time to make a disaster out of my kitchen because she felt like making chocolate chip cookies after the meltdown. Chocolate really does make everything better. Oh and not to mention it will be a late night because the Patriots are playing in the Monday Night Football game. I'm a sports nut so I will stay up and support my team, but they better win. Go Pats!

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