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So it has been forever since I posted any of my shopping deals. And it has not been because I have not gotten good deals or I stopped shopping with coupons. Sadly the sales had not been as good and I was making very small trips for only the best deals. Most of the things on sale we just would not use. So with so few things to take photos I just did not have the motivation to post them.
But that has changed this week!
Today I made stops at 2 stores, Winn Dixie and my favorite, Publix.
But before I get into that I want to tell you something really cool. I WON another Publix Gift card!!! This one was for $100.00 again! WAHOO!! What a blessing!

This one was from 7UP and Publix!
So here are my grocery trips that I made today. The first one is from Winn Dixie...

The total for all this before sales and coupons was $113.73. I paid $8.64! A savings of 92.5%. And I got back a $10.00 off coupon for my next purchase! So if you take that into account it was like I made $1.36 for all these things. I did 2 transactions so that I could take advantage of one $10.00 of coupon to get more items. Here is what I got...
14-Boxes of Kellogs cereal
6-Boxes of Fruit Kellogs snacks
3- loaves of Whole Wheat bread
3.5lbs. Grapes
4- Pack Klondike ice cream bars
6- Boxes ziplock bags.

And this is my Publix trip...
The total for all of this before sales and coupons $129.45. And the total after was only $7.93! A savings of 93%! I used my winning gift card to pay for it so really I had nothing out of pocket and it was all free! And this is what I got...
2- bags Sun Chips
4- bottles Sundown Vitamin D
1- 8oz package fresh Mushrooms (yum!)
8- cans Old Orchard frozen Juice
4- Schick razors
12- Glad Cling Wrap
24- packs Sprouts Organic Baby food (NO, I am not expecting! After coupons it was free and I thought it was a great thing to donate!)
2- bottles Rice Vinegar
1- bottle Sesame Oil
2- boxes Lucky Charms cereal
8- boxes Go-Gurt Yogurt
1- Kraft Olive oil Mayonnaise
1- bottle Suave Shampoo
1- pack Cream Cheese
And here is the really long receipt from Publix with Keeley to show just how big it is.

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