Florida Springs Bike Tour Supplies Video

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I just posted up a short video of some of the supplies we took with us on our Florida Springs 7 day bike tour. Yes, that's a bicycle tour, not a motorcycle tour. Sorry!

It doesn't look like much. And yet, the entire back end of the car was PACKED. What isn't included in the video is the tandem bike we also brought. However, that is all of the supplies we brought for the trip all stacked up outside the car.
  • 3 bikes
  • 1 tent
  • 4 sleeping bags
  • 2 sets of rear panniers
  • 1 Bell bicycle trailer for hauling kids (Since this trip, I tenderly refer to the trailer as a Sherpa - it is as valuable for a bike trip as Sherpas are for climbing Mt. Everest)
  • 4 bike helmets
  • 4 sets of bike gloves (DO NOT go cheap on these)
  • 2 sets of clothing for each of us (DO NOT go cheap on the bike shorts - or your butt will HATE you)
  • And a whole stash of miscellaneous other stuff like cook stove, white gas, flashlight, money, extra underwear for the kids, food, etc.

In general, you should plan to pack as lightly as possible for traveling by bike. However, I was totally shocked at how effective and easy it was to haul around that trailer. I have no idea what it weighed, but I could thrown just about anything in that trailer and drug it along behind me. If you do a tour with kids, I must highly suggest using a trailer for hauling around supplies. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and I'll be glad to offer my thoughts.

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