Bike / Scooter First Time View in the U.S.

I came out with a similar idea about 2 months ago - although mine will most likely NOT see the light of day. But I thought this was cool enough to share with you, especially since this is the first time I've seen it mentioned in U.S. circles.

It's a hybrid mix of bicycle and kick scooter. It looks cool, and strikes me as a throw back to some of the late 1800, early 1900 cycling ideas that were floating around back then. However this design gets the benefit of today's technologies to help it along.
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Half skateboard, half bike, Kickbike is a workout

I, too, would do a double-take if I encountered a scooter-like cross between a skateboard and a bicycle.

My guess is Kickbikes are a far more common sight in Finland, where they were developed in 1994 and continue to be built and raced. Around here, you can still only buy them online, at, at prices ranging from $250 to $500.

Like all Kickbikes, it has a large front wheel and a smaller rear wheel, and where a regular bike has a seat, pedals and gears, there's simply a horizontal platform for the rider to stand on. The entire thing fits easily in the trunk of a station wagon without any disassembly.

The perfect place, in fact, was a stretch of multipurpose trail in the Cleveland Metroparks. Paved and smooth, the route had everything I needed to try out my new toy: one or two steep hills, several gradual inclines and plenty of straight-aways.

All the benefits of cycling in half the time.

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