Weekends ... Why only 2 Days?

You know ...

Who came up with the 2 day weekend? In my honest opinion, it's not nearly LOOOONG enough!
I think 4 weekdays, and 3 weekend days would be superb.

Anyhow ...

Last weekend, we ventured back down to Disney for our 3rd visit, out of the 4 visit passes we picked up. This time, though, we made it over to Animal Kingdom.

I'm not going to post up everything we did. But, I did want to give you a few clips from our day there.

Unfortunately, this park closes at 5pm, versus 8 and 10 for the other ones we've already visited. So it's a MUCH shorter day. That was a bummer. We pretty much had to rush around from exhibit to exhibit all day to catch everything we wanted to see.

While we'll put up more other pics later, this part was by far my fave ...

They have an area there called - Asia. And they've totally decked it out in a Tibetan / Himalayan theme. It is very real and authentic looking - err ... as I imagine it would look over there. Since I've never actually been there, I can't say for sure.

Anyways ...

Here's a few shots of what I mean. That part of their park is exceptionally well done. It's like they spent most of their planning time and budget in that area, and left the other areas as side show.

I don't want to put them all up now, so there'll be more later.

But, if you're into photography of eclectic Asian style, that is definitely a nice place to visit. Christy and I were both 'Ooo'ing and 'Ahh'ing just about everywhere we walked.


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