The Lakeland Revival - 'Battle Royal...'

Hi guys,

I haven't written about this at all. And tonight, I was inspired to finally crack open the vault a bit.

It's wild - we've been here over a year now. July 3 was one year.


The 'Lakeland' Revival started not too long after we got down here. Well, I guess it's only been going for a couple months now.

The funny thing is - people from Oregon are asking us about this thing. That means - it's SO big, that it's spread across the U.S. In fact, people from all over the world are actually flying here (to Lakeland) to be a part of this revival. A person, whom I just won an ebay item from, included a note about it in her shipment to me. WOW!

The part that cracks me up is - we've never even gone to the thing. Why does it start, right here in Lakeland, after we arrive? It's odd. It makes no sense. I'm not claiming any part of it, not at all. It has nothing, at all, to do with me or us - it's just strange that it would happen here.

I don't know which side of the camp you sit on, as far as this revival goes - if you're thinking it's the next 'Big Thing' from God, then you'll definitely want to take a look at some of these thoughts:
Lakeland Revival Comments

Hopefully, just maybe, it'll make you think about the situation a little bit.


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