The #1 bicycling town in North America... in FLORIDA???

Well, this one doesn't come as that much of a shock to me.

One thing I can tell you ...

It's NOT Lakeland Florida!

© Danita Delimont / Alamy
First American city to receive a Platinum Bike Rating from the League of American Bicyclists, this metropolis of 500,000 remains by consensus #1 among North America's bike friendly cities ... Da, Dut, Dut, Dut, DA!!! ... Portland

Unlike Portland, half of the roads don't even have sidewalks here. That wouldn't be too bad, if there were bike lanes. BUT - instead, they have 12 inch tall grass growing on the sides of their roads. And the sidewalks they do have meander back and forth, in and out - so that you never can just ride in a nice, straight line.

In fact, there was a terrible story right out of south Lakeland in the Ledger the other day, about some 70 year old guy who was hit by some idiot with a bat, while riding along the street.

Gotta love FLORIDA - it's the greatest place on earth. HA!


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