What a Night!

Well, I never, EVER thought I would say this.

I've been running websites for the last 4 years - and doing quite well at it.

However ...

Recently, lots of hosting companies like ... Yahoo, AOL, Google, and on and on and on have been blocking my messages to people who actually subscribe to my lists. (SPAM protection you know)

And then, even more recently, website services (i.e. the people where you build your websites) are limiting the amount of messages you can send per hour because of these same SPAM issues. The blocked message hassles weren't too much of a problem ...

But with the limitations on message sending - I do believe I have finally met my match in website building. You are supposed to be able to limit the number of messages you send (it's a process called throttling), but I can't figure out how to work it on my sites.

I can't crack it. I can't figure out how to do it. Even the descriptions, by the companies who run these things, aren't helping me fix the issue.

So - I am haven't done it yet - but I may be getting rid of my sites soon. I'm still a little saddened by this prospect - but I can't seem to work my way around the issue. I probably couldn't get rid of all of them ... but even if I do keep any of them, I might still have to work them differently than I do now.

Anyhow ... I just thought I'd share my frustrations ... and get my thoughts out.


Talk soon,

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