Christmas Gift Videos

I got a sweet gift from Christy. Instead of showing you WHAT I got, I think these videos will give you a better feel for what I got.

I lieu of the destroyed beach video (last weekend), Chris decided to give me something that works a little bit better. A Flip Video Cam ... and these clips display some of its cool-ness.

Merry Christmas ... again! What an amazing day we had here.

First of all - here is Keeley's gift video:

And Here's Kait's gifts:

And a World Debut ... Christmas 2008:

Never-before-released photos from Kaitlyn.
Here's a few shots from Kait's personal picture collection. You are the first to see them.

P.S. The dog in the photo that Kait took is not ours! We are dog sitting for a friend of Chris's that she works with. They are out of town for Christmas. Just thought you would like to know.

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