Who killed General Motors?

Watched an interesting show last night ... about electric cars. Normally, I don't think I'd be this interested in the concept - except it costs ALL of us hundreds and thousands of dollars to deal with the idiocy of our leaders. PLUS, riding my bike every day sucks, and to be honest can be scary, with all the cars on the road.

Because of this - I've become interested in the future of the car market.

Anyhow ...

Electric Cars have had 'potential' commercial viability since the 90's.

Ultimately, HOWEVER, GM (the leader of the technology at the time) moth-balled the entire concept because of lots and lots and lots financial rhetoric.

The interesting twist on it is this ...

General Motors Corp. is in danger of losing its 76-year title as the world's sales leader, as totals for 2007 released on Wednesday showed the automaker in a virtual tie with Toyota Motor Corp.

Toyota - who was the only large auto manufacturer who has been willing to keep the electric market alive - has slowly taken over for General Motors.

And Finally this ...

Toyota surpassed General Motors in worldwide vehicle sales during the first three months of this year, marking the end of one of the longest runs of dominance in all of global industry and another milestone in America's long decline from unchallenged industrial pre-eminence.

Photo from http://i.treehugger.com
Watch the show, Who Killed the Electric Car, and you'll see that GM deserves to be killed. They devastated, what could have been an excellent concept, for their own greed.

And I'm NOT talking about environmental protection. That doesn't even factor into my discussion AT ALL. I'm talking about cost savings on fuel and vehicle parts maintenance. And JOBS for all those laid of GM employees - because GM was too short-sighted, and greedy, to see what they had.

D.R.I.P. General Motors! (Don't Rest In Peace)

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