Re-Discovered - KILLER Mountain biking trails about 4 miles away from home

Many of you know I LOVE riding bikes.

Since we've been here in the heat infested lands of Florida, I haven't ridden a lot. Partly - the heat will just kill you if you ride in it, and you aren't used to it. But you will dehydrate very quickly, as well.


Today we ventured into a new park, and made an absolutely LOVERLY discovery.

Miles of mountain biking trails - and they're only about 4 miles from home.


I am just thrilled. I can't even believe it.

Here's some of the details, if you're interested:

Map by Yahoo

It used to be called the Carter Road Park Mountain Bike Trail.
NOW, it goes by:
The Loyce Harpe Park.

Here's a link to the map of the trails at the park.

Just in case anyone decides to visit and go for a ride with me...

Hint! Hint!

Jason... are you listening?


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