Churches in Lakeland

Hello -

This is just a rant in general about churches down here.

Chris, I, and the girls have been looking for a church we can all really get involved in, and that inspires us to do great things.

Unfortunately - even finding a church online in this general area is dang near impossible.

I don't know if it's because I've been marketing online so long, but I don't think any church in this town knows how to put an advertisement on Google. Which, to me, is freaking ridiculous! At the very least they could have a listing for the town, whenever someone looks up -- Lakeland and Church.

Anyhow - I've spent hours scouring the web, the phone book, newspapers, and even visiting some possibilities only to find nothing that matches.

Now, I know you might be saying...
'Well, there's no such thing as a perfect church, Al!'

And I totally agree with you. BUT - I do know, because I've experienced it, that our entire family should be able to leave a church, and feel 'semi'-comfortable having been there.

And that just hasn't happened yet.


My hat is off to Rob Goodwin, for marketing his church, even though it's WAY smaller in size that most churches in this town, better than any church in the city of Lakeland Florida.

We'll try another one soon.


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