Prayers For Caroline

Today my 9 year old daughter's friend and classmate is having brain surgery. They are trying to remove a tumor that they were told is inoperable. It is very close to the optic nerve. They have already exhausted all other options and Caroline's eyesight is getting worse. The tumor is growing.

This child is a beautiful little girl who wouldn't hurt a fly. She is a talented little artist and the nicest girl you would ever meet. Her mom is fabulous and dad was just given a 2 week fur-low from serving in Iraq so he could be here for the surgery. Thank goodness. Caroline is so happy to have her dad home.

My daughter is very worried for her friend and so am I. She is so little and fragile. So today all my thoughts and prayers are with Caroline and her family for a speedy and easy recover. I hope you will join me in praying for this little munchkin.

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