Website Ideas from 'the Depression'


It's wild ...

I, for one, always enjoyed hearing my Grandma and Grandpa talking about life in the Depression.

You know ...

How they had to save everything they had. How they had to be frugal, and thrifty, and vigilant with their stuff.

And now - we're on the verge of something very similar. Maybe - not yet - but things could be getting close to what they were?

Who knows?

But, then I think about some of the stuff that my Granparents know, that some of the younger generations 'might' know - but they might not also?

And all the sudden, even mundane, simple things can become ideas for you to make small business websites from.

Take a look at this example:
Food Shortage

I don't know ... but it looks an awful lot like 'canning' to me.

What do you think?

Anyhow, as you can see, even old information can be useful today. Don't think for one second, that just because you've known how to do something you entire life, that other people ALSO know how to do it.

Probably - they don't!

And that's why websites work today ... because people need to know what you've known your whole life.

Here's another GREAT example ...

Did you know that 'ethanol' is not a new technology?
In fact, they've been making ethanol since the 1800's (maybe earlier). But, for some reason, everyone starts getting freaked out and thinking that ethanol is going to destroy our food supply.

Well ...

No, it's not! Sure people are using more of our food supply to try and make their ethanol. But, if they could actually work out how to make ethanol from cellulosic material, it would be a tremendous help. But can you guess how many big companies have been trying to do this over the last 3-4 decades?

Yep - not many. Not consistently. In other words ... the people who could have actually BEEN doing something about the issue - DON'T!

Oh, but now that we have a fuel crisis, and people from all over the world are trying to make their own ethanol fuel ... NOW ... all the sudden BP, and all these other oil companies, are looking into the opportunity there.

So, don't worry, there's still plenty of 'old' ideas, and markets, where you can make websites that generate income for you. You just need to 'spin' you idea, so that people today want what you're offering.

Talk soon,

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